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And the winner of last month’s contest is

“Yes! Yes, I promise Kalitta can win the championship next year! Now let go of my underwear and put me down, pleassseee!!” - Brian Kingdon, Watseka, IL

Honorable mentions

  • “Really! Isn't two and a half men 'obvious'?” - Michael Anderson, Clearwater, FL
  • “Awww, ain't he cute! Let's each grab an arm and pull, Kalitta will win the round.” - Charley Powell, Long Island, NY
  • "Connie Kalitta's plan for the 2011 Top Fuel title... the Technicoat 'Hit Squad'....” - Tim Rinkerman, NE
  • “Maybe one day! I'll grow up to be a cowboy!” - Phillip Wigington, Canton, GA
  • “We found a picture taken of ZZ Top early in their career.” - Jeff Hayes
  • “Hey, guys, where's the case of Red Line you promised I could stand on for this picture? Guys?" - Mike Gamache, Montreal, Canada