Joe Marsingill took this shot of photographer Tracy Waters. What’s the caption?

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And the winner of last month’s contest is

“Yea those are nice looking undies, but mine are fireproof!” - R.E. Blanford, Rihmond, IN

Honorable mentions

  • “I have to remember to send Okley a thank you note.” - Mark Webster
  • “I told her to watch them pipes, they'll blow your clothes clean off.” - Greg Pickens, Omaha, NE
  • "John Force on the pole again? ” - Steve, St. Cloud
  • “ Oh I am so going to pay for this when "the Mrs" finds out!” - Adam Foreman, Brisbane, Australia
  • “ I'm not sure how far out in front she is, but her back half numbers look pretty good!!” - Tim Rinkerman,NE
  • “Lord, if anybody ever said I was the bomb, let it be now!” - Tim Rinkerman,NE
  • “Man, Selzi's lookin' pretty good lately!” - Tim Rinkerman,NE
  • “DAMN!!! Them Baders sure know how to throw a party!!!” - Doug Anderson, New Baltimore, MI