Reader Joe Sherwood forwarded this photo of the “Cra-Z-Boy” jet-powered recliner. We don’t know where or when, but what’s the caption?

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And the winner of last month’s contest is

“Put a quarter in – steer the hook over this way – AND GET ME OUTTA HERE!”

-Eddie Ray, Michigan

Honorable mentions

“Bubble Boy finally passed his license test at the tender age of 54.” - Jeremy, Liberty, Missouri

“Let me guess…he qualified on the bubble.” - Bill Bench, Hamilton, Ohio

“I come in peace.” - Ian Moore, Rockingham, West Australia

“Snow globes, lane 5. Thank you.” - Bob Fisher, Katy, Texas

“Talk about a Funny Car, that’s just plain hilarious!” - Jack Issi, Pittsburgh

“Yes, it makes popcorn too.” - Glenn Mortensen, Charlotte

“George Jetson, you’ve been Overhauled!” - Tom Scheetz, Conesville, Ohio

“Man, that Taco Bell stop was a bad idea!” - John Blaski, Cleveland, Ohio

“Inbreeding…don’t do it.” - Alan Sargent, Braselton, Georgia