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And the winner of last month’s contest is

“Man, these Pope hats are heavy!'”

-Bob Fisher, Katy, TX

Honorable mentions

“ Man, they weren't kidding when they told me that Fords really suck!”  – Bill Bench, Hamilton, OH

“ You idiot! I said the AIR goes in there, not the hair!” – Tog, Purfleet, UK

" By looking at his hair Jok must have done this a few years back but with the engine running. " – Byrce W., Central IL

“Beldar Conehead, Larry Morgan's new crew chief, can properly tune the engine by laying his head on the engine, listen to it thru the carbs, and make the adjustments. He makes mass quantities of horsepower, while consuming mass quantities of beer.” – Jeff Hayes, Lyons, NY

“ Get the Butch Wax!" –Ron Ogilvie, Las Vegas, NV

“ If you listen in here you can hear the ocean.”  – Allison Putman, Homewood, AL

“ I'd knarfel the gartoc to get a win!” – Mike Seidler, Cottage Hills, IL

" The interior of Larry Morgan's Ford Pro Stocker top secret intake manifold, is also the home for the World's smallest barber. A little off the top please! " – Alan Miller, Baton Rouge, LA

“TURN....THE...ENGINE...OFF!!!" (With apologies to 'Young Frankenstein')” – Mike S., Raleigh, NC