Tim Marshall saw this at the 50th Winternationals. What’s the caption?

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And the winner of last month’s contest is

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“The rack was there, but then Burk had an awkward moment of realization and opened his eyes when it dawned on him 'Linda Vaughn doesn't have a moustache...'”

- Jerry Haynes, Ware Shoals, SC

Honorable mentions

“Hey you are right, ear lobes do taste like chicken.....!”  - Glenn Mortensen, Charlotte, NC

“ Now that I'm fat, my love options sure are limited.” – Norman Hechtkoff

"I think I can taste milk!” – Gordon Columbine, Atlanta

“ Psssttt, Burk! I just realized what they say is true - you really DO look like Curly Howard!” - and - “ Hey Burk.....I just cut one!” – Dave Peto, Tampa, FL

“ Alright, alright just a little peck,but no tounge in my ear this time!.” - and - "A smooch on the cheek is one thing, but you better remove your left hand from where it's at NOW!" – Brian Bednar, Ocala, FL

“Curly, Moe...where's Larry” – Matt Arbuckle, Oklahoma

“Ooh, I forgot how much a mustache tickles." – Brian Bednar, Ocala, FL