Kay Burk caught this moment between Bret Kepner and Jeff Burk when the Burkster received an award from the St. Louis Auto Racing Fan Club. What’s the caption?

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And the winner of last month’s contest is

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“ We're all out of VHT! This left over Full Throttle should do the trick!”

- John Blasko, Cleveland, OH

Honorable mentions

“Man if this thing only had a steering wheel!”    - Ronald Sherry, Austin , TX

“Oh jeez.....Tim Marshall is taking a photo of me...with sun glassed on at night, please don't let it end up on DRO's at the back door with a dumb caption on it.” – Will Heritage, Minnetonka

"The Safety Safari demonstrates what a jet car would look like if safety rules had not been implemented.” – Don Rosenberry, Illinois

“ Oh Man. When he offered a keg for the tail gate party he wasn't kidding.” – Larry Olm, Port Colborne, Ontatio, Canada