Tony Schumacher is flanked by the Technicoat guys in this photo taken by Tim Marshall at the NHRA Finals. What’s your caption?

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And the winner of last month’s contest is

“I call it the 5 shooter engine....when the one on top blows up, I just spin up the next one!"” - Tim Rinkerman, NE

Honorable mentions

  • “ Man, I hope that smoke ain't a head gasket lettin' go 'cause it takes a week just to change the plugs on this thing!” - Jan Patrick Williams, Timberlake, NC
  • “Another victory for the Chernobyl Motors Corporation racing team!” - Peter Vranesh, Fort Collins, CO
  • "Let the Dragon Fire Testing Lab assist you with new product development. In this photo we are testing a 'bungie cord' blower restraint for NHRA drag race applications. ” - Susan Putnam, Auburn, AL
  • “ If you think this is impressive, you should see his Big Block.” - Karl Wortman, Akron, OH
  • “ Who the hell is John Mazzarella ???” - Michael Anderson
  • “ No.27 looks a little rich....” - Tim Rinkerman, NE
  • " Get that lower 200 acres done before breakfast and have the rest of Sunday watching the races.” - John Geltink, Wellington NSW Australia
  • “ She's my little deuce....no wait..er..tetra=4..mutiply by factor of 10...plus 2...ok....."SHE'S MY LITTLE TETRACONTAKAIDI COUPE....YEAH YOU KNOW WHAT I'VE GOT!"” - Adam Foreman, Brisbane, Australia