Sonoma, CA, circa 1988. What’s the caption?

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Getting Honorable Mentions are:

"'Ok, give me a WALLY and the kid doesn't get hurt!"-- Richard Burbick, Sebring, FL

"If I ever catch you playing 'doctor' with Ashley again, you'll find out why they call me 'brute force'!!!" -- Brian Bednar, Ocala, FL

"John Force has always had a back up plan in the event he did not become successful driving a fuel funny car. Force's plan, was always professional wrestling. Here he shows a young fan his famous finishing move, 'The Brute Force Front Face Lock.'" -- Brian Losness, Boise, ID

"Enough with the daughters. I'm getting me a son, and I don't care what it takes."-- Michael Schwartz, Raleigh, NC

"I don't care what Coil promised you kid, Lasorda autographed that Dodger hat for ME so give it back..." -- Dan Chubirka, Ingleside, IL

"Ok...ok, I'll tell dad to buy a Ford!" -- John Godinho, Chino, CA

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