Tim Marshall took this photo at the NHRA World Finals in Pomona. What’s the caption?

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And the winner of last month’s contest is

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“ Roland, plans to take on the Brute Force scooter, in the return road races and win. Going Full Throttle to deliver a true Hawaiian Punch!!!”

- Jeff Correlln, Knox, IN

Honorable mentions

“We'll downsize the displacement, we'll downsize the pumps and mags. By golly, we'll downsize whatever it takes to get back to a quarter mile!”    - Eddie Ray, Michigan

“I thought it looked like Roland gained a little weight over the years ...but got taller too?” – Jon Mikola, Dayton, Ohio

"Honey, I shrunk the Funny Car!” – Chris Williams, Delaware

“ And you think Tom Hammonds has trouble fitting in his Pro Stocker...” – Tom Moore, San Francisco, CA

“ Look Roland, No matte how much you dress it up it's still a rascal!” – Colby Loveless, Norman, OK

“A little known fact, Roland Leong was a pioneer in the sport compact series.” – Mark Case, Westerville, OH

“When you said you had a 'LITTLE' money for a nostalgia Funny Car, I didn't expect this !!!” – Mike Tyler, Philadelphia, PA

“ Man, those growth hormone tablets really work !!!!” – Mark Glading, Sydney, Austrailia