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After much debate, the winner is Tim Rinkerman from NE.

"Earl Scheib "Tape wrap Grafix"! $29.99!!!!"

Getting Honorable Mentions are:

"They told me there would be a lot of RED tape to enter an NHRA event, but I didn't expect this!!!!''-- Tim Rinkerman, NE

"WOW! I remember when sex was safe and drag racing was dangerous!!!!! THE NEW DUREX CAR CONDOMS." -- Phillip Wigington, Canton, GA

"Immediately after protecting his race car from potential thieves, Kilroy placed aluminum foil over his head and climbed in his bath tub to ward off any pesky space aliens in the area." -- Mike Walker, Cabot, AR

"Billy & Bob are sure serious about not letting anyone see their intake manifold."-- Jeff Correll, Knox, IN

"I've heard of failing tech, but this has gone too far." -- Russ Ganz, Pompton Lakes, NJ