Volume IX, Issue 4, Page 110


Photo sent by reader Jim Gledhill of Clovis, CA

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After much debate, the winner is Ricky Nichols from Alabama, who submitted:

"...and right here is where we're goin' to put the side car for the clutch operator... "

Getting Honorable Mentions are:

"And if it doesn't work, we can put it in a museum when I build one and then get people to pay to see it! " -- Phil Trover, Orlando, FL

"I thought this up while I was at Woodstock, man...a dragster with the engine mounted sideways...far out!!! " --Alan Sargent, Braselton, Georgia

"And then the chutes hit so hard it not only damaged my retinas, it spun the motor in the chassis! " -- James Morgan, Weare, NH

"See, if the clutch explodes, it doesn't take out the wing. No? Well, how 'bout a monostrut? " -- Rick Holliday, Ohio

"Dang it...if they'd give us more than 75 minutes between rounds this wouldn't of happened! " --Lee Bracy, Rochester, NY

"The blade that actually cuts the grass is under the drivers compartment. " -- Bill West, Baton Rouge, LA

"I was gonna put a distributor right about here, but then I thought that would be pretty stupid. " -- Larry Grimm, West Frankfort, Illinois

"And if you flip it over, it will also edge sidewalks. " -- Bob Wenzelburger, Zelienople, PA

"Tire smoke demons, I command you to come OUUUUUUUUT! " -- Larry Frye, Rossville, Georgia

"Don Garlits demonstrates how easy clutch maintenance is with his newly invented lazy susan engine mounts. " --Bill Bench, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Now you guys listen this time. This is the back of the engine...and it goes towards the wing! THE WING! Loud enough for you to understand now? " -- Dr. Jeff Harper, Bangkok, Thailand

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