Is Ford leaving NHRA?

Several sources have told DRO that Ford Motor Co. probably will pull most of their support for NHRA teams. Jeff Burk has more information on this move that will have serious ramifications for many teams in his Burk’s Blast. [7/23/2013]

Cobra Jets to run X-DRL SuperCar Showdown at MIR

Roy Hill will lead a stellar list of SuperCar Showdown drivers into Maryland International Raceway for this weekend’s X-DRL Mayhem at the Creek.

The SuperCar Showdown class is exclusive to X-DRL and features the latest factory-produced race cars that are regularly seen in NHRA Super Stock competition.

“The Cobra Jets are going to put on one heck of a show at Budds Creek,” Hill said. “Craig Hankinson and myself will be driving the Phoenix Racing Cobra Jets with backing from FireAde 2000, Mustang Club of America’s ‘Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration’, Ford Racing, Coca-Cola and Alsco.

“Bob Romanelli, Bo Kenney, Don Fezell and several more top-notch Cobra Jet teams will be joining us.”   [7/23/2013]

Need Nitro for the Geezers at the Grove Aug 2-3?

If you are one of the teams coming to Maple Grove on Aug. 2-3 for the Geezers at the Grove race -- like the Mickey Thompson Tire DRO AA/FC Challenge competitors or a nostalgia nitro car or a cackle car -- and might need to buy nitro, track manager Lex Dudas has offered to bring in a supply to sell to racers. Before he can do so he needs to know if there are enough teams who would buy nitro to justify ordering some drums.

If you want to buy nitro at the track notify Lex Dudas at or Jeff Burk at Please pass the word along. [7/23/2013]