Have a gas at Leicester this weekend

While we don’t know if this car will be at Lancaster, you may see cars like it…and besides we like solid front axle cars like these. (Jeff Burk photo)

The Gasser Racing Series will be a part of the Empire Nostalgia Gold Cup on August 27-28 at Empire Dragway in Leicester, NY. Nostalgia Gassers, Dragsters, Altereds and Street Gassers from the East Coast and Canada will be in competition. 

For more information on this event and a sampling of what you’ll see there, check out
www.GasserRacingSeries.com or www.empiredragway.com. [8/19/2011]

McGaha to make Pro Stock debut at Indy

Second generation drag racer Chris McGaha from Odessa, TX, who has been an NHRA Comp Eliminator racer for many years, will make the step up to the Pro Stock class at the U.S. Nationals. 

The 32-year-old McGaha and Oklahoma-based Pro Stock team owner Richard Freeman have come to an agreement and the Comp Eliminator veteran will be getting adjusted to driving a Pro Stock while upgrading his license.  If things go well at Indy you may see McGaha driving Freeman’s Pro Stocker the rest of the NHRA season. (file photo by Brad Turk) [8/19/2011]