Maggio gets PSCA Las Vegas win as Burbage disqualified for rules infraction

For the first time in PSCA history, a race winner has been disqualified because of a rules violation days after the conclusion of an event.

On Friday, April 22, Mike Maggio was declared the winner of the April 15-17 PSCA Racin’ 4 Jason event at the Strip at Las Vegas after a thorough investigation by PSCA's Mel Roth, Dave Murray, and Scott Schwinning. A video captured from a rooftop-mounted camera showed crew members putting an object into Rod Burbage’s car before being weighed after his win and then being removed after the car was weighed in a clear violation of NHRA rules.

As a result Burbage was disqualified and Maggio declared the race winner. George Klass (PSCA Scales operator) confirmed that Maggio did in fact scale and his car made the minimum weight required after the final round. It was Maggio’s first ever PSCA Pro Street win.  (Tim Marshall photo) [4/25/2011]

Another tornado hits St. Louis; Speed Sports and Spirit Chassis shops destroyed

Lou Osman (right) owner of the “Speed Sports” Top Hydro with tuner Amos Satterlee. Driver John Haas was killed last year in a racing accident.  (James Drew photo)

Several tornados roared through the St. Louis area on Friday, April 22, leaving wide-spread destruction in their wake. More than 300 homes and businesses were totally destroyed and thousands more received damage. The airport received extensive damage as 50% of the windows were blown out of one concourse and a section of the roof was ripped off.

The Phlegm Building was not in the path of the tornados, but boat racer Lou Osman’s shop was destroyed as well as Al Meade’s Spirit Chassis shop, which was in the same building as Osman’s Speed Sports business. No one was seriously injured in all of the St. Louis area.

A tornado also hit the St. Louis area on New Year’s Eve causing extensive damage to a different part of town. [4/25/2011]