Nicholson says ‘Here we go again’

"Here We Go Again" the newest drag truck tech project, dubbed "L-S10 From Scratch" presented by S&W Race Cars and QA1, got underway about a month ago. DRO’s Bracket Racing Editor, Jok Nicholson, and his son Andy have decided to take on the task of doing a from-scratch tech series that will walk the racers interested in building their own race car from a kit through the process.


"We are shooting for a drag truck we can run in three classes of bracket racing every time we take it out," said Jok.


Nicholson mentioned that he thought he wore out his old ½-inch impact gun breaking off all the rusted bolts during the disassembly.


“This was not a rust-free truck to begin with,” he said. “It had seen about 25 years of Iowa winter roads and a LOT of salt. That load of rusted suspension parts and complete rear-end fit nicely in the back of my rusted out '94 Chevy, ready for load number 3 to the salvage yard dump pile.”


The goal at this time is to install the S&W chassis kit, the QA1 coil-overs and pick up a junkyard 5.3 LS engine and do some very basic improvements. It is stripped to bare frame and prep has started. Watch for semi-monthly updates on the progress of the L-S10. 

PDRA adjusts schedule for Georgia heat

Todd Hoerner leads the PDRA Extreme Pro Stock points going into SGMP. He won the most recent Mountain Motor Pro Stock exhibition at the NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals at Bristol, TN.


The PDRA Summer Nationals returns to South Georgia Motorsports Park this weekend (June 27-29) after a one-year hiatus. Because track temperatures may be in the 135-140-degree range, the daily schedule for the eighth-mile series will be changed.


Thursday testing will have two session for all classes between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and two more sessions from 5-10 p.m.


“For Friday and Saturday, we're going to start a little bit later and run through the afternoon and into the night hours,” said Tyler Crossnoe, PDRA race director. “We'll push our schedule back a little bit to make it a little more fan-friendly and racer-friendly because it is going to be warm this weekend.”  

By the Numbers: Norwalk and Bristol NHRA ratings

In a week of sports coverage dominated by the U.S. Women’s World Cup team trouncing everyone in sight, the numbers for the NHRA FS1 coverage from Norwalk, OH, were 742,000 viewers for a 0.48 rating.


The week before at Bristol there were 543,00 viewers and a 0.32 rating.  

X marks the spot at MDIR; Litten sets Pro Street bike record

The second annual XDA Superbike Showdown was held June 21-23 at Maryland International Raceway with 635 two-wheel competitors taking part.

Ehren Litten brought the heat in round one of Pro Street qualifying, breaking a personal record with a 6.53 pass. In round two, he took the top spot on the Pro Street G.O.A.T. list away from Jeremy Teasley when he went quicker with a 6.48 run. Then in round three of qualifying, Litten destroyed the mile per hour record running at 232.59 mph becoming the fastest Pro Street racer in history.

Jeremy Teasley, the No. 2 qualifier, was the Pro Street winner running a 6.422 at 222.55 mph over Frankie Stotz’s 6.464/217.88. Top qualifier and new record holder Ehren Litten was knocked out by Stotz in the second round, but got some revenge by winning the Pro Street Shootout over Teasley. 


Pro Street B class: Jake Dugan, .026, 6.929, 201.58 def. Lorenzo Ortiz, .089, 7.182, 190.40


Real Street: Jeremy Teasley .131, 7.904, 160.92 def. Spender Claycomb .060, 18.219, 38.55


Real Street Shootout: Devin Ragland .117, 7.863, 186.25 def. Anibal Merced .099, 7.922, 174.77


Pro Xtreme: Kevin Clarke .020, 4.022, 168.28 def. Rodney Williford .144, 4.182, 184.50


4.60 Index: Mac McAdams .032, 4.603, 151.15 def. Michael Ostrowski .032, 4.608, 148.46


4.60 Index Big Money Shootout: Ronald Procopio .034, 4.614, 159.36 def. Mac McAdams .032, 4.584, 149.30


5.60 Index: Bob Carlson .048, 5.645, 111.86 def. Courtlan Whiting .116, 5.611, 120.04


Crazy 8’s (8.88 Dial in): Dustin Lee .027, 8.796, 138.46 def. Courtlan Whiting .032, 8.769. 143.95


Top Sportsman: Bobby Holland .026, 7.86 dial, 7.866 ET, 166.03 def. Dylan Wood red-light


Saturday Pro ET: Shayne Proctor .008, 8.46 dial, 8.457 ET, 157.54 def. Ryan Bonitatis red-light


Saturday Street ET: Dustin Lee .003, 8.89 dial, 8.934 ET, 144.38 def. Bob Carlson .039, 8.90 dial, 8.891 ET, 146.94


Sunday Pro ET: Johnny Mullikin .018, 8.24 dial, 8.275 ET, 154.23 def. Bobby Holland .108, 7.86 dial, 7.878 ET, 165.72


Sunday Street ET: Dustin Lee .010, 8.88 dial, 8.894 ET, 141.34 def. Jeff Sweeney .021, 8.95 dial, 8.963 ET, 149.85


Friday Night Gamblers: Harvey Powell .040, 8.40 dial, 8.409 ET, 153.28 def. Derrick Milbourne .080, 8.94 dial, 8.921 ET, 151.56


In the grudge racing, Dave Norris won Nitrous Bulls in “Yellow Jacket”, David Page in “Pickin’ Pockets” won Monster Bulls, and Nicholas Mazeika rode “Clockwork” to the Brahma Bulls win.


Next event on the XDA (www.xdaracing.com) schedule is July 26-28 back at MDIR. 

What’s new? Neff

The Agent was interested to see former JFR tuner Mike Neff, who now works for Don Schumacher Racing, working on the Mustang Funny Car of independent racer Bob Tasca along with Tasca’s regular tuner Jon Schaffer. “Zippy” worked at DSR before moving to John Force Racing for 10 years and then returning to DSR for the 2018 season. Could that explain the recent surge in performance?


Anyway, it’s good to see all the boys playing nicely together. 

New Product of the Day


Vulcan Cut-Ring Head Gaskets for SCE

New SCE Vulcan Cut-Ring head gaskets are designed for use in engines with high static compression forced-induction or Nitrous Oxide where typical composite or MLS head gaskets may be prone to leak combustion pressure and-or coolant. The New Vulcan Cut-Ring head gaskets are a hybrid-design which combines sealing properties of 2 different head gasket material types. Composite – a pliable, perforated metal-core composite gasket body for effective sealing of coolant and oil, without additional sealants. Stainless Steel - solid stainless cut-rings ‘bite’ into the cylinder head under clamp load to form a positive barrier against combustion pressure leaks, without additional machining. No O-ring or additional sealants required.  



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