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Drag Racing: Idaho versus Montana


Battle at Lost Creek!


Words and photos by Brian Losness

Fans either sat in bleachers or drive-in-movie style seating.


One of the most documented feuds in American history is that of the Hatfields and the McCoys. The feud lasted nearly twenty-eight years from 1863-1891 and took place along a branch of the Big Sandy River, called the Little Tug, which acts as a border between Tennessee and West Virginia. The feud started as the result of a rhubarb over, of all things, a pig (hog, for you in the south.)


Drag Racing has a similar feud, albeit nowhere near as cantankerous. This is a grudge between racers in the states of Idaho and Montana, and rivalry has only been in existence for eleven years. The fight is held on the grounds of Lost Creek Raceway, outside of Anaconda, Montana.

There is a small creek that borders the (Warm Springs) staging lanes -- or Lost Creek. See where this is going?


Lost Creek Raceway is an eighth-mile gem in the mountains of Montana. Is it fancy? No. It is not a Vegas or Charlotte and it’s not meant to be.  The place is meant to be that big hot breakfast of eggs, sausage, pancakes and hash browns that is delicious, hot, filling, and sticks with you all day long. It is not quiche.


Mike Hall, who is the operator and president of the track and has been for years, is extremely proud of what he and his team as accomplished. Hall also gives back to the surrounding community and one way is working with a pre-release program associated with one of the local correctional institutions. “We give them a place to belong and give them a sense of team -- having people depend on them, in a positive way.”


That positivity is also brought through to the racers and the staff. Everybody is just so pleasant. Which is a weird way to talk about a border war.

The staging lanes were full of competitors.


The rules of engagement as such: Two rounds of racing. Every car is counted from Junior Dragsters to Super Pro. Juniors race juniors, and all big cars run in one group. There is no cross talk and each round win is worth a point.  This year there were equal number of cars per state, so there would not be an advantage one way or the other.


Each driver races two rounds, and then the eight best packages, four from each team face off in round three, and those contests are worth five points each.

At the end of the first two round Montana held a very slim two-point lead, credited to Mason Hawker, who was signed up for double points in his junior dragster.


The final four round was going to be for all the marbles. In the first pair it was Joe Jerico taking out Tracy Pierson 7.09/94.57 to a losing 6.05/117.15. This gave Idaho a seven-point lead.

However, Montana was not willing to lay down and came back with a victory as Glen Morin (shown) took out Craig Schell, 6.02/113.98 to cover the 6.90/98.43, of Schell.

Idaho won the Battle at Lost Creek. 


In other action Friday nights Gambler was won by T.J. Robbins defeated Glen Morin.

Idaho won the Battle at Lost Creek. 


In other action Friday nights Gambler was won by T.J. Robbins defeated Glen Morin.

Saturday’s other race was the track points series race. Non-electronics division was taken by the red-hot T.J. Robbins (shown) who defeated Curtis Robbins.

In the Electronics division this was taken by Idaho Falls, Idaho’s Carla Greenough in a new Chevy S-10 over Tracy Potvin.  (Frank Greenough photo)


Sunday’s Summit Series Race, Junior Dragster was won by Morgan Main over Jack Holmes.

In Junior Street Mason Hall defeated Branden Pepper.

The Sportsman winner was Mickey Main (shown) over Matthew Dall.


In the Pro class T.J. Robbins was en fuego as he took another win this time over Braxston Carpenter. The Super Pro title went to another driver who was on a roll this weekend Glen Morin took another win, this time over Rod Taylor. The King of the Track title went to Mickey Main as he upset “Senor En Fuego” T.J. Robbins. 



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