race reports


Words by Jim Baker

Photos by Brad Baker


Daryl Ehrlich of Round Rock, Texas in a boat owned by Eddie Knox from Sun Valley, CA, called ‘Problem Child’ won the Top Fuel Hydro Championship. ‘Shockwave’ piloted by Tyler Speer of Woodstock, GA, finished runner-up when he slowed to only 4.29 seconds after having run 3.57 earlier in the competition.


Low elapsed time for the three-day event was established by Brian Sanders of Houston, TX, with ‘Nitrochondriac’ owned by Tommy Thompson, Locus Grove, OK, at 3.48 seconds and a speed of 268.70 mph.

The popular Top Alcohol Hydro trophy went to ‘What a Tomato’ by Bob Pizza from Danville, CA, at 4.30/206.20. This was noted as being nearly as fast as the nitro-powered TFH winner. Pizza’s winning number was also low ET for Alcohol. Andy Reynolds from Lake Wylie, SC, finished runner-up.

Modified Eliminator in Jet Boats was the property of Hoppy Harris, shown above in his boat from San Angelo, TX, called ‘Livin Large’.

We have to tip our hat to the extremely hard work witnessed by the Racers For Christ who worked tirelessly in the sun to make certain every racer had their prayers before entering the water.  Impressive too was the patience shown by the competitors for the procedure of launching and reloading.

Circle Boats like the one shown above kept the crowd in their seats while the starting rope was reloaded after each session. All considered it was a busy, highly contested event which was ran without incident. Kudos to the Lucas Oil team who seemed ‘on top’ of every facet of the event.


Top Alcohol Flat Bottom:

W      SHAZAM                 Tony Scarlata, Perris, CA  5.20 155.81

RU    WAR PARTY         Bill Dies , Bullhead City, AZ  5.34 152.71


Pro Mod:

W     LIVIN THA DREAM                     Marty Logan, Midlothian, TX 7.06 169.23

RU   ANOTHER SPLIT DECISION      Casey Beal, Tonganoxie, KS 7.04 164.90


Pro Outlaw:

W    FREAK SHOW         Vic Esposito, Alamo, CA  5.46 157.77

RU   ALKA-HAULER        Jim Richards, Siloam Springs, AR


Pro Eliminator:

W     STRYHNINE                      Brian Thaden, Las Vegas, NV 7.95 145.40

RU   PSYCHOTIC BEHAVIOR        Jeff Green, Redmond, OR  8.02 129.61


Quick Eliminator:

W     CENTSLESS         Mike Schiller, Gardnerville, NV 6.04 141.64

RU    GAMBLER                 David Cooper, Dekalb, TX  5.94 144.29


Top Eliminator:

W      NO CLUE                                     Bill McGuinn, Lodi, CA  9.06 112.75

RU    GOTTA PRODUCE MORE       Matt Crews, Phoenix, AZ  9.05 115.76


Modified Eliminator:

W      LIVIN LARGE          Hoppy Harris, San Angelo, TX 10.01 152.65

RU    STEPPIN UP                 Don Blaney, San Dimas, CA 9.95 161.02


Stock Eliminator:

W      PHOENIX RACING           Greg Conley, Maude, TX  11.12 96.31

RU    ON THE BOTTLE            Bob Holloway, Parker, AZ  11.16 95.29


River Racer:

W     SOBRIETY                       Kevin Foote, Big River, CA   15.80 93.64

RU   AQUATIC THERAPY      Denise Hodges, Emporia, KS 11.97 90.64


Personal Watercraft:

W     GAS HAWG                                Austin Skero, Highland, TX  18.04 63.15

RU    AMERICAN FREEDOM       Brian Marble, Lake Havasu, AZ 13.36 65.02


Pro Stock:  DARK HORSE       Greg Duff, Newport Beach, CA  NT 



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