the last word w/Aaron Polburn

VOLUME XIX,  NUMBER 3 - March  2017

Words of advice for NHRA and some random thoughts




When Don Schumacher put together the Papa John’s deal I got giddy. I dreamed of the potential marketing opportunities and the saliva started to form in my mouth. So, what makes this different than any other program is the potential Middle America audience. Not everyone buys their parts from NAPA or AutoZone because not all of us buy auto parts period. We all eat pizza and we eat a boatload of it. Now here comes the official pizza of every major sport on earth (yes, including the NFL) and the power to expose NHRA Drag Racing to that audience...the word WOW comes to mind. Throw in a driver who is as stunning as she is smart and put her in a rocket ship and the words WOW WOW surface again.


The first race of the year showed the potential of what could happen. If they can keep it up Leah and the boys could impact NHRA Drag Racing like nothing we have seen in more than a decade.




Every sport enjoys a good rivalry. The problem is that drag racers kiss and make up to soon. That may change with the current war of words between The Don and The John. This could escalate into the NHRA Summer Slam with Force going off the top ropes to a chair swinging Schumacher below. The guest referee could be Jimmy Prock.


If NHRA doesn’t do something with this, shame on them. Use it in your print material. Use it in your radio spots. And for goodness sakes use it on the TV broadcasts. Just think WWVMD (what would Vince McMahon do) and sell some tickets!




- The hottest thing in drag racing is the radial revolution. A choice few get it (The Duck). Other would-be promoters will throw a pile of purse money at it and expect the same result. What they will find is the best way to make $100,000 on a radial event is start with $200,000.


- Did you see the IHRA ESPN3 stream? It had pretty high production values. It was fun to watch because it was raw sportsman racing. I haven't seen the audience numbers but my fear is there wasn't anyone to count.


- In a completely self promoting vain I would like to welcome grandchild #5 to the world. Welcome Thomas Raphael Polburn. And, yes, the middle name came from a ninja turtle.


- How many Coca-Cola Funny Car Cavalcade of Stars can you name? I'll give you the first few -- Rodger Lindamood, Bobby Wood, Dick Bourgeois, Kelly Chadwick.


- Yes, I actually wrote a radio commercial that went on air with "Bobby Woods, Della Woods, Plywoods … they will all be there." Amazingly the race attendance sucked.




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