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By the time you read this PRI will have put to bed another high performance spectacular and racers from all over the world start to dream of 2018.  PRI is also the home of some of the best racer parties of the year.  Dare I say that none have compared to the time I was invited to the Winnebago Racers Appreciation Dinner hosted by one of drag racings all time characters, Chris Prevatt.


I have heard of Roman feasts but I doubt they could compare to Prevatt feasts.  I’m not kidding when I say there was probably 7-8 courses served family style.  The wine bottles were the largest I have ever seen.   But I will get to that in a minute.


The company was awesome.  I got to hang with David Rampy who notched his bazillionth win that year.  Seated around a huge table was the legendary Folk family.  I got to be in the same room as Top Fuel Motorcycle rider, Chris Hand. And of course I got to be with old friends Carl and Donna Baker of IHRA Pro Stock fame.  I was in awe.  Now about those wine bottles.


Big wine bottles contain large amounts of wine and being the gracious host, Chis Prevatt made sure everyone’s glass was filled at all times.  Being the gracious guest that I was, I made sure Chris had plenty of opportunity to ply his skills.  The evening started downhill when I got hit with a wine spray from about 6 ½  feet away.  My shirt was white and now had about two dozen wine colored spots.  Since the shirt was probably not salvageable I thought it was only proper that everyone autograph the shirt and I would give it to Chris as a memento of the evening.  Well,, the autograph party went fairly well until Chris decided to emblazon my bare chest with Winnebago #1.


Once again being the good guest I took a magic marker and wrote IHRA across Chris’s belly.  And if you have ever seen Chris’s belly you know that this was a pretty large IHRA. The second to last thing I remember was posing with Chris for a picture of our new-found body art.  You can probably find it under Stupidhumantricks.com.

By the way, the last thing I remember was taking an hour to scrub the Winnebago #1 off my chest.  My biggest fear was not having my antics go public.  My biggest fear was the possibility of never being invited back.




A group of students were asked to list what they thought were the current “Seven Wonders of the World.”  The following received the most votes:


1. Egypt’s Great Pyramids

2. Taj Mahal

3. Grand Canyon

4. Panama Canal

5. Empire State Building

6. St. Peter’s Basilica

7. China’s Great Wall.


While gathering the votes the teacher noted one student hadn’t turned in her paper. When asked if she was having a problem she said, ‘Yes, a little. I couldn’t make up my mind because there are so many.” The teacher picked up the paper and was stunned at what she read.  The girl’s list was:


1. To see

2. To hear

3. To touch

4. To taste

5. To feel

6. To laugh

7. To love.


This Christmas don’t overlook the fact that the most simple and ordinary things are truly the most wondrous.






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